Reusable mesh produce bags, perfect for grocery shopping

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12 pcs 15 pcs

Reusable mesh produce bags, perfect for grocery shopping

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$ 15.95 $ 19.99 -21% OFF


12 pcs 15 pcs
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Product description

Replace single-use plastic bags with these awesome reusable mesh drawstring bags.

Perfect for when you go grocery shopping at the store or local farmers market.

You get 12 or 15 bags of different sizes so you'll never need to use a plastic bag when shopping ever again!
Keep them in your shopping bags ready to fill up with your favourite fruit or vegetable.
They'll also help keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer with the breathable mesh and not being suffocated in a plastic bag.
Can be machine washed and re-used.
Easy to store with a drawstring on the bag to keep your produce from falling out!
In the past, Australians use up to 10 million plastic bags every day – an astonishing 4 billion every year. Of these, approximately 150 million ends up in our oceans and waterways, contributing to an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic dumped into the ocean every year.
These plastic bags fill our landfill, harm our wildlife, and break up into smaller and smaller fragments that continue to cause environmental harm. Most Victorian council kerbside recycling bins do not accept plastic bags, and only 3 per cent of Australia's plastic bags are currently being recycled.


1. Made of high-quality material, light, breathable mesh polyester, breathable and washable, reusable, used for storage of groceries, environmentally friendly, harmless to the environment, chemical-free. 

2. Multi-purpose, high-grade reusable mesh can store our fresh produce, fruits and vegetables because they are safe to come into contact with food. They can also be used as children's toys, reusable snack bags, reusable food bags, reusable shopping bags, small items laundry bags, office supplies, road trips, cosmetic bags, etc.

3. Convenience, it has different colour identification, different specifications and different sizes of items, the drawstring method is very convenient to open and tighten, fruits and vegetables can be washed in these bags, put directly into the refrigerator, reduce the use of plastic bags, Good for the environment.

4. Multi-size, there are 3 different sizes, the distribution is 30.5*21.5cm, 44*30.5cm, 36*30cm; it is very suitable for your daily use.
5. Lightweight, storage, washable, is a good helper for your daily life, journey, a good companion


Name: high-grade splicing polyester mesh bag green fruit and vegetable mesh bag single drawstring fine mesh bag
Color: blue + green + red
Material: Mesh cloth
Size: S: 30.5*21.5cm, M:44*30.5cm, L:36*30cm
Package Includes: 12 or 15 x Mesh Bags

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