ZeroPack's are here!


Become a zero-waste hero and send your packages the eco-friendly way!

These compostable mailer bags are a great way to show that your business is serious about the concerns that plastic and non-recyclable products are having on our environment.

Show your customers you care and become a zero hero sender today!!

Eco-friendly Packaging in Australia – Good For You, and Good for Nature

You can help to save the earth one step at a time when you use our eco-friendly packaging in Australia available at Zero Waste Co. Research shows components in conventional packaging material can take between 10 – 20 years to decompose, and plastics up to 1 000 years. Our biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging takes merely three to six months. It means we can vastly reduce the impact our modern lifestyle has on nature.

Benefits of Zero Waste Co.

We are your partners in conservation, taking humanity’s impact on nature seriously through practical and affordable solutions.

  • Affordability. We’ve found that the steep price tag attached to eco-friendly goods is often hinder the desire to make decisions that would benefit nature. Hence, we offer competitive prices on our high-quality nature-friendly options.
  • Variety. To be truly competitive in our goal to deliver alternative solutions to conventional packaging material, we have to offer eco-friendly options for all your packaging needs. Thus, our range of eco-friendly packaging options is rather extensive, and we promise you will find the product you need.
  • Quality. When you buy eco-friendly packaging in Melbourne, quality remains vital in your purchase. You want the product to serve a purpose before it decomposes. Hence, our eco-friendly solutions reflect our commitment to bring you value for money. Our quality products will meet your packaging needs and give you the confidence of sharing in the global effort to conserve our natural resources.


What You Can Expect from Zero Waste Co. When You Buy Eco-friendly Packaging

When it comes to packaging material, we want to introduce the people of Melbourne and beyond, to our ZeroPack compostable packages. As a relatively new arrival in our online store, it is promising as a durable yet compostable solution.


  • Our compostable mailer closely resembles plastic as it has both the look and feel of durable and robust plastic. Yet, our secret is in the composition of the material. Our mailers are 100% biodegradable. It consists of a mixture of a completely degradable copolymer and a scientific version of corn starch.
  • The material breaks down into water, CO2 and biomass in your home composting system within 24 weeks. In a commercial compostable system, it happens even quicker - within 90 days.
  • Another added feature is the double adhesive strip on our mailers, meaning it is re-useable. Adding even more value for money.

About Zero Waste Co.

We are a 100% Australian business that understands the local market, your needs, preferences and buying considerations. Our commitment is to deliver sustainable solutions in the quest to reduce the waste in our landfills and oceans, coupled with quality and affordability. Our vision is such a perfect match for the market, which is eager to contribute to the conservation of nature while enjoying the benefit of quality products at affordable prices.

Through small, continuous steps, we can all contribute to the conservation of nature, caring for tomorrow. Speak to us and learn more about how you can contribute to our future on earth through eco-friendly choices today.