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Are you worried about the Coronavirus COVID-19

Then you need these items!

Keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy and don't worry about running out of these necessities!!

If you're worried about the Coronavirus COVID-19 (and you should be), it's time to protect your family and loved ones.
The best form of protection as determined by the WHO is to wash your hands regularly and to avoid large gatherings.
In addition to this, you can help prevent the spread of infection by wearing a face mask.
Did you know that, without even realising it, you touch your face up to 90 times a day! And you don't even realise it!
Wearing a face mask can help prevent you from subconsciously touching your mouth, nose and eyes. How many times a day are you pulling your kids' fingers out of their mouth or nose!!?
It's reported that surfaces can carry the virus for up to 12 hours (at least), so you touch an infected surface and then put your hand on your face, just like wiping your mouth, nose or rubbing your eyes - next thing you know the virus is spreading.
The masks may not be 100% Eco-Friendly, but in these days of uncertainty, we want to be able to help our customers feel safe. Once this pandemic is over we'll be removing the masks from our store.
The world seems to have gone just a bit crazy!?!

Everything is selling out, supermarket shelves are being cleared out everywhere! 

We may not be able to help you out with toilet paper (and groceries)!! But, we can help you out with some key items that are eco-friendly and reusable so you don't have to worry about running out anytime soon!