Zero Waste Co is now supplying Apiwraps Australian Made Beeswax Wraps

Zero Waste Co is now supplying Apiwraps Australian Made

We are very proud to announce that we have joined up with our first Australian Made registered business! This is very exciting news for us as we love to have Australian Made products on our store and we see this as the first of many!

You can check out the new beeswax wraps here.

Use the code APIWRAPLAUNCH to get 15% off your first order of these great and proudly Australian Made products!

The new wrap to hit the market that every household needs – here’s why!

Imagine a simple reusable tool that allows you to keep food fresh for longer, completely eliminated plastic wrap in your kitchen, solves all of your lunchbox wrapping and teaches your children to take care of their things and use them again.  Apiwraps can be used in the fridge, freezer and lunchbox and can be washed with soap and water and used for over a year. They’re made with completely natural materials, much like our great grandparents would have used.

Natural beeswax is a perfect solution for storing food– just like the bees themselves use it! Beeswax makes a waterproof seal but it’s unique because it isn’t airtight – it can breathe! This solves the problem of storing fresh veggies in a dehydrating fridge environment as they won’t wilt and dry out; but because they can breathe they won’t sweat and spoil either. Food that stays dry keeps much longer than food that is sealed up and can’t breathe. Think of fresh coriander – you don’t want the leaves to wilt, but if they are in plastic they’ll start to spoil right away. An Apiwrap keeps them in the perfect storage environment!

Apiwraps replace plastic wrap in almost any job; covering left overs, wrapping sandwiches and cheese, covering marinating and fermenting foods. As a quick intro to plastics toxicity, the more malleable your plastic is the higher the pthathate content is. Pthathates are the next BPA – we’re only beginning to prove how devastating EDCs are to healthy bodies, and moving malleable plastics away from your food is a simple step that makes a big impact. With a completely natural alternative at your fingertips there’s no reason to keep throwing away single use plastic wrap!

Apiwraps can be washed with soap and cold water and used again for around a year with proper care, saving your food and the environment day after day. As we see the impact that our ‘convenience thinking’ has had on the environment we can see it’s a priority to teach our children the importance of taking care of our belongings and using them again. The long-term solution lies in finding smarter ways of taking better care in our everyday habits. Apiwraps are here to help you keep your rubbish bins free of plastic wrap and food waste!

Apiwraps come in 4 sizes perfect for small cut fruit and veggies, avocados, pieces of cheese and wedges of pumpkin, sandwiches and herbs and bundling bunches of leafy greens along with all sizes of plates and platters for leftovers.


You can check out the new beeswax wraps here.

Use the code APIWRAPLAUNCH to get 15% off your first order of these great and proudly Australian Made products!

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